Career Profile

I am a technical writer who creates and maintains different types of technical content while naturally integrating with varying kinds of software-development teams. I easily engage with different stakeholders to get the information that I need. I create varying types of content, for example, user guides, technical descriptions, embedded documentation, and user-interface copy (UI copy). My content is designed for different types of audiences, ranging from beginners to experts in various professions.

To create, I use different languages, systems, and apps, for example, Markdown, XML, Contentful, SCHEMA ST4, Google Docs, Slack, and Microsoft 365.

My expertise lies in simplifying the complicated so that anybody can understand the contents.

I use standards and frameworks to write briefly and consistently to make humans quickly and thoroughly understand what they read and need.


Technical Communicator

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is a multinational industrial company that manufactures industrial tools and equipment. I mainly create software user guides where I turn complex topics into easily understood information. I am the main responsible for the Atlas Copco UX-writing team where I write UI copy, create our work processes, direct our work, maintain a style guide and terminology list, and evangelise the importance of using plain language to help the user succeed with their tasks as quickly and safely as possible. I manage translations of both user guides and in-product copy. I use SCHEMA ST4 as CCMS.

Technical Copywriter


Tink is a finance-technology company that creates and maintains an API that allows customers and customer end users to act with financial institutions, for example, by paying bills or analysing monetary spend. I worked with all development teams and most departments as both Technical Writer and UX Writer to create different types of documentation and product copy. I created how-to guides, tutorials, and reference material for developers. I created UI copy for end users of ages from fifteen and up, in any European country. I used different documentation standards to create a house style by combining sources such as The Microsoft Writing Style Guide, The Chicago Manual of Style, and ASD Simplified Technical English.

Technical Writer

Snow Software

I created and maintained different types of content and solutions for a number of development teams. The work was diverse and required creative solutions to complex problems. I adhered to documentation standards in my writing, such as The Microsoft Writing Style Guide and The Chicago Manual of Style. I created Snow's technical writing tone of voice and initiated the creation of the company-wide glossary.

I worked according to scrum and agile.

Technical Support Specialist

Snow Software

I provided technical support both regarding the products that Snow Software developed and the internal IT environment. I experienced company growth from 40 to 800 people. I trained support staff, built our knowledge base from scratch, and performed different types of IT- and quality-related tests and software implementations.

Control and Maintenance Technician


Anticimex is the Nordic pest control leader and had many different types of offices and users all over Sweden, all of which were serviced by myself. I installed and maintained servers, clients, software, and the network infrastructure. I was responsible for the company-wide backup solution. I created and performed IT-related tests, quality assurance, software migrations (for example, Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2007), software packaging and distribution, project management, and wrote technical documentation. Anticimex adhered to the ITIL framework, which incorporated all IT work.

Network Administrator

The Swedish Social Services in Stockholm (Socialtjänstförvaltningen)

Four colleagues and I controlled the entire IT environment for two different government entities, Social Services Department in Stockholm (Socialförvaltningen) and Stockholm Environment Department (Miljöförvaltningen). I installed and maintained servers, clients, network infrastructure, and printers. I packaged and distributed software for our users, supported them, performed IT-related tests, quality assurance, and created technical documentation. I was entirely responsible for one network with 500 users in nearly sixty physical locations. I trained users in Microsoft Office and created e-learning classes that were used by hundreds of users.

Internal Support Logistics Manager

2002 (three months)

I ensured hardware availability, installed software, and provided second-line support.

Network Administrator

2002 (eight months)
Läkarnätet AB

I was the sole Network Administrator and IT Technician. I maintained all servers, clients, and software. For example, I handled user accounts and maintained our Microsoft Exchange Server. I was responsible for and personally dealt with all software support and software purchases.

IT Support Technician

Net Insight

I performed junior IT Technician duties: supported users in different countries, upgraded hardware, and performed much troubleshooting.

IT Support Specialist


I provided last-level support duties for Microsoft Office to 12,000 users.